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1 Point n Click Configurator

The Point n Click Configurator covers Mesa cards and parallel port stepper configurations. If you have a simple parallel port stepper machine the StepConf Wizard might be a better choice. The Point n Click Configurator can generate some advanced configurations without knowing anything about HAL.

Start the PnCConf program from the CNC menu or from a terminal window with pncconf. For more information on the terminal window see the Linux FAQ section.

Figure: PnCConf Splash

1.1 Basic Machine Information

Machine Name:
What you want to call your machine and must not have any spaces.

Figure: PnCConf Basic

1.2 GUI Configuration

Here you can select from different GUI's and options for each one.

Figure: GUI Configuration

1.3 Mesa Configuration

Figure: Mesa Configuration

1.4 Mesa I/O Setup

Figure: Mesa I/O C2

Figure: Mesa I/O C3

Figure: Mesa I/O C4

1.5 Axis Configuration

Figure: Axis Drive Configuration

Figure: Axis Configuration

1.6 Advanced Options

Figure: Advanced Options

1.7 HAL Components

On this page you can add additional HAL components you might need.

Figure: HAL Components