LinuxCNC 2.8.3 has been released.

This is, again, mainly a bugfix release, but includes a new GUI (“Craftsman”)built on Glade.

All users are encouraged to update.

A new ISO is likely to follow in time, but this should be an automatic update for most installed 2.8 systems.

Note that at the moment there is no kernel-space RTAI (2.8.3-rt) package for Buster. It is likely that a 2.8-rt package will be made available in a few days, but it is possible to run linuxcnc-uspace on an RTAI kernel if the additional package linuxcnc-uspace-rtai is installed.

Thanks to the following contributors:

  • alkabal
  • andypugh
  • Charles-Xavier Roy
  • Chris Morley
  • ddotldot
  • Dewey Garrett
  • elovalvo
  • Greg Carl
  • Hans Unzner
  • Håvard Flaget Aasen
  • Jeff Epler
  • Jerry Trantow
  • John Thornton
  • Norbert Schechner
  • Petter Reinholdtsen
  • Phillip Carter
  • Piet van Rensburg
  • Rene Hopf
  • Sebastian Kuzminsky
  • Steffen Möller
  • zz912

The abridged changelog:

  • CraftsmanCNC: A new GUI written from scratch Intended for CNC router applications.
    • Merge pull request #1706 from hansu/gmoccapy-fix-buttonstate-settings-2.8
    • command.c: EMCMOT_JOINT_ABORT set joint jog inactive
    • Several patches from zz912 to improve translations
    • Gmoccapy - many updates
    • PNCconf bug - bad arrow
    • Update cpu_info.c for Raspberry revision 1.5
    • qtvcp -file_manager: fix indent error
    • task: disallow task mode change if jogging
    • Fix the building of packages (broken by Japanese docs)
    • carousel: Fix homing bug.
    • qtvcp - many updates
    • docs: added japanese PDF docs from MasaoSakai (
    • docs: many updates
    • docs: make an index.html page for the PDF docs
    • Merge pull request #1644 from alkabal/alkabal-2.8-xhc-whb04b-6
    • Several pull requests from elovalvo/
    • Update for new version of Rpi400
    • mb2hal: added pins to manpage
    • Merge pull request #1641 from JTrantow/2.8
    • Change EDITOR = geany. Restore more generous dirhold and dirsetup timing.
    • Updated the gantry example
    • linuxcncrsh: check for errors when creating listening socket
    • gscreen -fix error related to keyboard jogging and limit switch
    • getting-linuxcnc.txt list alternate keyserver
    • stop continuous jogs if mdi tab #1519
    • mitsub_vfd docs: several updates
    • improved german translation
    • plasmac: many updates
    • FIxed IRC webclient URL
    • Update man-pages for latency-* scripts.
    • Docs: Update RTAI install instructions.
    • Merge pull request #1234 from LinuxCNC/fix-md5-sum
    • Update getting-linuxcnc_es.txt
    • Update getting-linuxcnc-cn.txt
    • Fix MD5 / SHA256 sums
    • docs: fix some minor glitches in INI config docs.
    • Docs add axis lathe info and images
    • pncconf: several updates
    • pncconf -raise the stepper timing maximum to 50000
    • Merge pull request #1199 from LinuxCNC/shuttle
    • parport: Clarify messages when parport_pc has not found the device.
    • Docs: Bump kernel version for RTAI in “Getting LinuxCNC”
    • shuttle: driver and docs updates
    • full update xhc-whb04b-6 for 2.8

(The full changelog is here: )