LinuxCNC 2.7.10 is out. This one’s a relatively boring stable release. A few minor bugs have been fixed, but the real highlights are:

  • full support for Debian Stretch (uspace realtime with RT-Preempt)
  • support for Mesa 7i93 Hostmot2 Ethernet board
  • support for Huanyang GT-series VFDs

Thanks to the folks who contributed patches and fixes for this release:

  • Andy Pugh
  • Jeff Epler
  • John Thornton
  • Norbert Schechner
  • Sebastian Kuzminsky

And of course, as always, thanks to everyone helping out in the forums, mailing list, and on IRC, and to everyone who took the time to open issues on github.

The full changelog:

  • docs: document [EMCMOT]COMM_TIMEOUT
  • docs: teach buildsystem to generate manpages from asciidoc source
  • docs: add info about the Touchy radio buttons
  • docs: improve some hm2_bspi manpages

  • gmoccapy: added Num_Pad jogging
  • image-to-gcode: work around gratuitous breakage in PIL

  • GladeVCP: don’t exit if CombiDRO fails to poll status

  • hy_vfd: add –motor-poles, to set PD143
  • hy_vfd: add –base-frequency to set PD004 on the VFD
  • hy_vfd: document PD004/base-freq better in the manpage
  • hy_vfd: fix some typos in –help output and comments

  • add a driver for the Huanyang GT series VFD

  • hm2_eth: add support for Mesa 7i93 AnyIO ethernet board
  • hm2_sserial: Fix a bug where the second port would not work if the first was disabled

  • gcodemodule: make interp really close part program
  • pluto: use rtapi’s fabs() instead of the kernel’s abs()
  • steptest: don’t change position-cmd when not running

  • uspace: find top online CPU

  • tests: make timeouts simpler & smarter in halui/jogging test

  • build: fix building linuxcnc.1 when docs not requested
  • build: don’t fail when requested not to build documentation
  • build: ensure asciidoc manpages are built before checklink is run
  • build: build-depend on asciidoc-dblatex on debian stretch
  • build: on Debian Stretch and newer, depend on gstreamer 1.0
  • build: add debian/configure stanza for debian stretch
  • build: rename the GS2 VFD Makefile variables for clarity