LinuxCNC 2.7.8 has been released. This is a stable maintenance/bugfix release, all 2.7 users are encouraged to upgrade. And if you’re still using LinuxCNC 2.6, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to 2.7!

This release fixes a couple of bugs related to MDI, cutter compensation, G95 (feed per revolution mode), and in the GUIs, including a long-standing buglet with the backplot/preview. There are also lots of improvements to the documentation.

I want to thank our awesome community for the friendly, helpful collaboration that makes this project what it is. Committers in this release are:

  • Chris Radek
  • Dewey Garrett
  • Jeff Epler
  • John Morris
  • John Thornton
  • Moses McKnight
  • Norbert Schechner
  • Sebastian Kuzminsky
  • Thoren Seufl (new committer! lots of docs fixes!)