LinuxCNC 2.7.7 has been released.

This release fixes a couple of bugs in the interpreter. All 2.7 users are encouraged to upgrade.

The full changelog:

  • docs: fix example scrips so they work when copied and pasted
  • docs: fix minor mux_generic(9) manpage quibbles

  • Axis GUI: work around python-tk “True” bug
  • halui: correctly report “mode.is_joint”

  • lcd: stop processing when page_num is too high
  • lcd: add missing call to hal_ready

  • pncconf: add ability to set gs2 vfd serial device

  • Interp: support subs placed after main program
  • Interp: don’t drop remap level at prog exit
  • Interp: fix startup regression regarding coordinate systems and more

  • add test validating initial coordinate system and RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE
  • add test validating the startup state of the Status buffer
  • add test for M30 and remapped command interaction

  • travis-ci: Disable e-mail notifications
  • build: include metadata for Travis CI integration