LinuxCNC 2.7.6 is out.

This release fixes a couple of regressions in 2.7.5, and improves the handling of hm2-eth packet loss (only Hostmot2 Ethernet cards are affected; PCI, EPP, and SPI cards are not involved).

All 2.7 users are encouraged to upgrade.

The full changelog:

  • docs: add info about updating
  • docs: fix a typo in gcode overview
  • docs: remove a cut and paste error

  • axis: add keyboard shortcut to open the menu to quick reference
  • gmoccapy: fix bug in user tabs button
  • gmoccapy: fix bug in initialize optional stops

  • hostmot2: improve handling of packet loss for hm2 ethernet cards

  • wj200 vfd driver: fix segfault
  • thcud component: doc fixes

  • sample configs: fix typo in plasma-thc-sim config

  • Task: Revert ill-advised stale-statbuffer fix added in 2.7.5. This should fix “linuxcnc hangs when limit switch trips” and other problems.

  • motion: when motion disables, mark all joints as “in position”

  • test: add a hard limit test
  • interp list: log calls to clear() when debugging