The joints-axes branch has been merged into the master branch!

Joints/axes was a project to separate “joints” (roughly: motors) from “axes” (roughly: cartesian coordinates), in order to better support machines where a single motor does not directly drive motion along an axis, such as gantry machines, delta robots, robot arms, hexapods, and similar.

Everyone running the development version of LinuxCNC (what’s tentatively called “2.8~pre”) will be affected by this change.

This new separation of joints and axes requires changes to both .ini and .hal config files. In most cases your configuration will be automatically upgraded when you try to open the config with the new version. Please report any config conversion failures on the github issue tracker, in email, or on the forum, so that the conversion script can be improved.

Details on the changes are in the documentation here:

Please keep an extra careful eye out for bugs and help us stabilize it for the next release.