Hi all, it's time to have another election for the Board of Directors.

The first step is to have nominations. These take place on the
emc-users list. To make a nomination, please put NOMINATION in the
subject of your message. Nominations must be seconded by another
person to be considered; to second a nomination please put SECONDED in
the subject. The nominated person should then accept or decline the

Let's start nominations now and run them through July 31 2007,
23:59:59 UTC.

Like last time, we'll have a wiki page where the nominees can write
a bit about their experience and goals if they like:


The Board has asked Michael Cornelius to run the voting for us.
Michael is not involved in the EMC project but he is a Free Software
advocate in many ways and has graciously offered to help out. The
Board will provide him a list of email addresses made from joining the
lists of people receiving the emc-users and emc-developers emails.

He will send a ballot to each person and have a special email address
set up to receive the votes. When voting closes he will report back
the names of our new Board members. When the time comes he will give
us all specific instructions about how to vote.

I wish good luck to the nominees, and give my sincere thanks to
everyone on the lists who will participate in setting the future
direction of the EMC project.