Version 2.1.3, holds a series of bugfixes (Changes) over the 2.1.2 release.
You can get it as a source package from sourceforge , from CVS , or as a precompiled package which works on Ubuntu as described here.<p>Changes, bugfixes, improvements:
</p><ul><li>make ‘load’ button work in classicladder</li><li>add french translation of axis</li><li>improve italian translation of axis</li><li>make ‘milltask’ not consume all CPU after ‘run from line’ has been used</li><li>new userspace component: hal_input for all Linux-recognized input devices</li><li>image-to-gcode: spindle speed and plunge feed rate can now be selected</li><li>image-to-gcode: tool shape compensation bugfixes</li><li>image-to-gcode: add documentation</li><li>stepgen: revise core to eliminate 1 count deadband and resulting "bobbles"</li><li>improve segment throughput for slow machines when using AXIS</li><li>fix cutter compensation sticky words when using zero radius tool</li><li>fix incorrect path in some circumstances after G40 in lathe mode</li><li>in AXIS, unhighlight a program line that was chosen interactively when starting a program.  this way, the highlight follows the running program.</li><li>fix some misformatted/truncated error messages</li></ul>