thc - Torch Height Control


loadrt thc


Torch Height Control Mesa THC > Encoder > LinuxCNC THC component

The Mesa THC sends a frequency based on the voltage detected to the encoder. The velocity from the encoder is converted to volts with the velocity scale parameter inside the THC component.

The THCAD card sends a frequency at 0 volts so the scale offset parameter is used to zero the calculated voltage.

Component Functions If enabled and torch is on and X + Y velocity is within tolerance of set speed allow the THC to offset the Z axis as needed to maintain voltage.

If enabled and torch is off and the Z axis is moving up remove any correction at a rate not to exceed the rate of movement of the Z axis.

If enabled and torch is off and there is no correction pass the Z position and feed back untouched.

If not enabled pass the Z position and feed back untouched.

Physical Connections
Plasma Torch Arc Voltage Signal => 6 x 487k 1% resistors => THC Arc Voltage In
THC Frequency Signal => Encoder #0, pin A (Input)
Plasma Torch Arc OK Signal => input pin
output pin => Plasma Torch Start Arc Contacts

HAL Plasma Connections
encoder.nn.velocity => thc.encoder-vel (tip voltage)
spindle.0.on => output pin (start the arc)
thc.arc-ok <= <= input pin (arc ok signal)

HAL Motion Connections
thc.requested-vel <= motion.requested-vel
thc.current-vel <= motion.current-vel


thc (requires a floating-point thread)


thc.encoder-vel float in

Connect to hm2_5i20.0.encoder.00.velocity

thc.current-vel float in

Connect to motion.current-vel

thc.requested-vel float in

Connect to motion.requested-vel

thc.volts-requested float in

Tip Volts current_vel >= min_velocity requested

thc.vel-tol float in

Velocity Tolerance (Corner Lock)

thc.torch-on bit in

Connect to spindle.N.on

thc.arc-ok bit in

Arc OK from Plasma Torch

thc.enable bit in

Enable the THC, if not enabled Z position is passed through

thc.z-pos-in float in

Z Motor Position Command in from axis.n.motor-pos-cmd

thc.z-pos-out float out

Z Motor Position Command Out

thc.z-fb-out float out

Z Position Feedback to Axis

thc.volts float out

The Calculated Volts

thc.vel-status bit out

When the THC thinks we are at requested speed

thc.offset-value float out

The Current Offset


thc.vel-scale float rw

The scale to convert the Velocity signal to Volts

thc.scale-offset float rw

The offset of the velocity input at 0 volts

thc.velocity-tol float rw

The deviation percent from planned velocity

thc.voltage-tol float rw

The deviation of Tip Voltage before correction takes place

thc.correction-vel float rw

The amount of change in user units per period to move Z to correct


John Thornton


GPLv2 or greater