anglejog - Jog two axes (or joints) at an angle


This component accepts a dynamic counts-in input (typically from a manual pulse generator (MPG)) and static angle and scale factor settings. It computes the counts and scale values required to jog two (M,N) axes (or joints) at an angle. The corresponding output pins must be connected to the candidate axis.[MN].jog* (or joint.[MN].jog*) pins to create motion at the current angle. HAL pins are provided to set the vector velocity and acceleration and to enable the computations.


1. The max-vel, max-accel settings should be less than or equal to the smallest settings for both of the target axes.

2. The scale-in pin is sampled only when the enable-in pin is false. The value in use is output on the current-scale pin.

3. The angle-degrees-in pin is sampled only when the enable-in pin is false. The value in use is output on the current-angle-degrees pin.

4. The value of the iscale-factor pin multiplies counts-in internally to support integer (s32) calculations for counting. The current-scale-out is divided by the same amount. The pin is sampled only when the enable-in pin is false. The default value should work in most applications.

5. For identity kins machines that support both world jogging (axis letter) and joint jogging (joint number), connections are needed for both the axis pins: axis.[MN].jog-enable,jog-scale,jog-counts and the corresponding joint pins: joint.[mn].jog-enable,jog-scale,jog-counts where [mn] are the joint numbers corresponding to the [MN] axis letters. 6. The current-scale pin is for information, the required output scaling pin is current-scale-out as it depends on the iscale-factor setting.

Simulation Config: configs/sim/axis/anglejog/


anglejog.N (requires a floating-point thread)


anglejog.N.enable-in bit in

enables motion (disables alteration of angle and scale)

anglejog.N.counts-in s32 in

MPG (wheel) counts

anglejog.N.angle-degrees-in float in

vector angle

anglejog.N.iscale-factor s32 in (default: 10000)

integer scaling factor (>1)

anglejog.N.scale-in float in

magnitude units/count (mag = counts * scale)

anglejog.N.max-vel float in

vector max velocity magnitude

anglejog.N.max-accel float in

vector max acceleration magnitude

anglejog.N.accel-fraction-in float in (default: 1)

acceleration fraction input

anglejog.N.enable-out bit out

to: axis.M.jog-enable AND axis.N.jog-enable

anglejog.N.current-scale float out

effective scale (informational)

anglejog.N.current-scale-out float out

to: axis.M.jog-scale AND axis.N.jog-scale

anglejog.N.coscounts s32 out

to: axis.M.jog-counts (cosine counts)

anglejog.N.sincounts s32 out

to: axis.N.jog-counts (sine counts)

anglejog.N.cos-accel-fraction float out

to: axis.M.jog-accel-fraction

anglejog.N.sin-accel-fraction float out

to: axis.N.jog-accel-fraction bit out

angle jog move in progress

anglejog.N.current-angle-degrees float out

current angle

anglejog.N.current-mag float out

current vector magnitude

anglejog.N.current-vel float out

current vector speed


Dewey Garrett