The rs274 stand alone interpreter is available for use via the command line.

1. Usage

Usage: rs274 [-p] [-t tool.tbl] [-v var-file.var] [-n 0|1|2]
          [-b] [-s] [-g] [input file [output file]]

    -p: Specify the pluggable interpreter to use
    -t: Specify the .tbl (tool table) file to use
    -v: Specify the .var (parameter) file to use
    -n: Specify the continue mode:
           0: continue
           1: enter MDI mode
           2: stop (default)
    -b: Toggle the 'block delete' flag (default: OFF)
    -s: Toggle the 'print stack' flag (default: OFF)
    -g: Toggle the 'go (batch mode)' flag (default: OFF)
    -i: specify the .ini file (default: no ini file)
    -T: call task_init()
    -l: specify the log_level (default: -1)

2. Example

To see the output of a loop for example we can run rs274 on the following file and see that the loop never ends. To break out of the loop use Ctrl Z. The following two files are needed to run the example.

#<test> = 123.352

o101 while [[#<test> MOD 60 ] NE 0]
    #<test> = [#<test> + 1]
o101 endwhile

T1 P1 Z0.511 D0.125 ;1/8 end mill
T2 P2 Z0.1 D0.0625 ;1/16 end mill
T3 P3 Z1.273 D0.201 ;#7 tap drill
rs274 -g test.ngc -t test.tbl