1. Introduction

Halui is a HAL based user interface for LinuxCNC, it connects HAL pins to NML commands. Most of the functionality (buttons, indicators etc.) that is provided by a common GUIs (axis, gscreen, etc.), is provided by HAL pins in Halui.

The easiest way to add halui is to add the following to the [HAL] section of the ini file.

HALUI = halui

An alternate way to invoke it is to include the following in your .hal file. Make sure you use a correct path to your ini file.

loadusr halui -ini /path/to/inifile.ini

2. MDI

Sometimes the user wants to add more complicated tasks to be performed by the activation of a HAL pin. This is possible using the following MDI commands method:

MDI_COMMANDs are added to the ini file in the [HALUI] section, Example:

MDI_COMMAND = o<mysub>call

When halui starts it will read the MDI_COMMAND fields in the ini and export pins from 00 to the number of MDI_COMMAND’s found in the ini up to a maximum of 64 commands. These pins can be connected like any hal pins. A common method is to use buttons provided by vitual control panels. Example halfile connections:

net quill-up       <= pyvcp.quillup
net quill-up       => halui.mdi-command-00

net reference-pos  <= pyvcp.referencepos
net reference-pos  => halui.mdi-command-01

net call-mysub     <= pyvcp.callmysub
net call-mysub     => halui.mdi-command-02

These nets connect the halui.mdi-command-NN pins provided by halui:

$ halcmd show pin halui.mdi
Component Pins:
Owner  Type  Dir Value  Name
   10  bit   IN  FALSE  halui.mdi-command-00 <== quill-up
   10  bit   IN  FALSE  halui.mdi-command-01 <== reference-pos
   10  bit   IN  FALSE  halui.mdi-command-02 <== call-mysub

When a halui MDI pin is set (pulsed) true, halui will send the MDI command defined in the ini. This will not always succeed depending on the current operating mode (e.g., while in AUTO halui can’t successfully send MDI commands).

3. Halui pin reference

All halui pins are documented in the halui man page:

$ man halui

4. Example Configuration

An example sim config (configs/sim/axis/halui_pyvcp/halui.ini) is included in the distribution.