When you add a second parallel port to your PCI bus you have to find out the address before you can use it with LinuxCNC.

To find the address of your parallel port card open a terminal window and type

lspci -v

You will see something similar to this as well as info on everything else on the PCI bus:

0000:00:10.0 Communication controller: \
        NetMos Technology PCI 1 port parallel adapter (rev 01)
        Subsystem: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic: Unknown device 0010
        Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 11
        I/O ports at a800 [size=8]
        I/O ports at ac00 [size=8]
        I/O ports at b000 [size=8]
        I/O ports at b400 [size=8]
        I/O ports at b800 [size=8]
        I/O ports at bc00 [size=16]

In my case the address was the first one so I changed my .hal file from

loadrt hal_parport cfg=0x378


loadrt hal_parport cfg="0x378 0xa800 in"

(Note the double quotes surrounding the addresses.)

and then added the following lines so the parport will be read and written:

addf parport.1.read base-thread
addf parport.1.write base-thread

After doing the above then run your config and verify that the parallel port got loaded in Machine/Show HAL Configuration window.