Table of Contents

1 Hal User Interface

1.1 Introduction

Halui is a HAL based user interface for EMC, it connects HAL pins to NML commands. Most of the functionality (buttons, indicators etc.) that is provided by a traditional GUI (mini, Axis, etc.), is provided by HAL pins in Halui.

The easiest way to add halui is to add the following to the [HAL] section of the ini file.

HALUI = halui

An alternate way to invoke it (especially when using a stepconf generated config file) is to include the following in your custom.hal file. Make sure you use the actual path to your ini file.

loadusr halui -ini /path/to/inifile.ini

in your custom.hal file.

1.2 Halui pin reference

1.2.1 Abort

1.2.2 Axis

1.2.3 E-Stop

1.2.4 Feed Override

1.2.5 Flood

1.2.6 Homing

1.2.7 Jog

<n> is a number between 0 and 8 and 'selected'.

1.2.8 Joint

<n> is a number between 0 and 8 and 'selected'.

1.2.9 Lube

1.2.10 Machine

1.2.11 Max Velocity

The maximum linear velocity can be adjusted from 0 to the MAX_VELOCITY that is set in the [TRAJ] section of the ini file.

1.2.12 MDI

Sometimes the user wants to add more complicated tasks to be performed by the activation of a HAL pin. This is possible using the following MDI commands scheme:


1.2.13 Mist

1.2.14 Mode

1.2.15 Program

1.2.16 Spindle Override

1.2.17 Spindle

1.2.18 Tool