CNC demonstrations at NAMES 2002

 <p>Lots of folks from the <a href="">CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO</a> mailing list as well as others were exhibiting CNC related items at the show. </p>       <p>Interest in CNC is spreading from the original core of electronics buffs to the model builders in general.</p> <p>Some photos were preserved..&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>         <table border="1"> <tbody>  <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="85" border="0" alt="01CNCarea.jpg" src="" /></a><br />     CNC demonstration area at NAMES. View of the systems running small mills. Interest in CNC is gaining among hobbyists</td>   <td align="center"><a href=""><img width="180" height="135" border="0" alt="02RolandFriestad.jpg" src="" /></a><br />     Roland Friestad showing Cardinal Engineering products. Roland is the organizer of CNC exhibits and seminars at NAMES <br />    </td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="164" height="150" border="0" alt="03BillAnliker.jpg" src="" /></a><br />   Bill Anliker, founder of the CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO list. Shown with the controls for his EMCO Compact 5 lathe conversion project.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="140" height="150" border="0" alt="04RayHenry.jpg" src="" /></a><br />  Ray Henry, the creator of the TKEMC gui for EMC, and general champion of EMC shown tinkering with EMC and his mill.</td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="120" height="150" border="0" alt="05Raymill.jpg" src="" /></a><br />      Ray Henry's CNC mill based on a    Grizzly mini-mill. Ray used    ballscrews from McMaster Carr and    stepper motors.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="144" border="0" alt="06PaulCornerBrianSchwartz.jpg" src="" /></a><br /> Paul Corner, on right, creator of the BDI (brain dead install) CD-ROM for the EMC software, with Brian Schwartz, of Vigilant Technologies a maker of servo interfaces.</td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="132" height="150" border="0" alt="07SteveStallings.jpg" src="" /></a><br /> Steve Stallings of PMDX setting up TurboCNC to run a mill using PMDX drivers. Steve also provides hosting for the and <a href=""></a>    web sites.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="114" border="0" alt="08PMDX.jpg" src="" /></a><br />      PMDX displayed a MAXNC-10 mill    running <a href="">TurboCNC</a>    from DAK Engineering. The mill was    upgraded with better steppers and the    new <a href="">PMDX    drivers</a> and interfaces.</td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="113" border="0" alt="08RayHenryBillAnliker.jpg" src="" /></a><br />      Ray Henry, on left, and Bill Anliker    discussing the process of installing    EMC software.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="122" border="0" alt="10FredSmith.jpg" src="" /></a><br /> Fred Smith of IM Services, (facing camera) representing Vector CAD-CAM showing the new NURBS software from Vector.</td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="112" height="150" border="0" alt="11JonElson.jpg" src="" /></a><br />      Jon Elson of PICO Systems with his    interface boards for EMC. Jon was an    early user of EMC.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="124" height="150" border="0" alt="12JonElson2.jpg" src="" /></a><br />      Jon Elson discusses the finer points    of servo driver design with John    Kasunich.</td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="143" border="0" alt="13FredProctorMattShaver.jpg" src="" /></a><br /> Fred Proctor of NIST, on left, and Matt Shaver. NIST developed the EMC software and Matt was the first independent tester of EMC.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="114" border="0" alt="14JoeKatona.jpg" src="" /></a><br /> Joe Katona of J. R. Woodworking was at the show representing Flashcut and Sherline. He demonstrated a system with a Sherline 2000 mill.</td>  </tr>   <tr>  <td align="center">&nbsp;<a href=""><img width="180" height="135" border="0" alt="15Engine.jpg" src="" /></a><br /> An engine with electronic controls was at a nearby booth. We were not the only ones using electronics! Electric solenoid valves were run by a PIC microcontroller.</td>   <td align="center">&nbsp;</td>  </tr>  </tbody> </table>     <p>CLICK on the thumbnails below to view a larger picture. Use your browsers back button to return to this page.</p>